Glow pilates invites you to a tuscan retreat

“Being is easy when you allow it...”

Breathe, Strengthen, and Stretch into Life with Laura Anderson Mancini

Step out of your routine and into the restorative calm of the Tuscan countryside. A time to immerse in wellbeing in one of the most scenically beautiful locations in the world.

“A unique blend of Pilates with emphasis on breathing, relaxation technique, and stretching free the restrictions and tightness of short muscles and allow your body to discover its correct posture and muscle connections, leaving it gliding and strong, ready to face the rigors of everyday life.”

Included in the retreat are:

  • 7 Nights Accommodation
  • 6 healthy Breakfast
  • 6 Lunches
  • 7 Dinner
  • Daily matwork Pilates sessions
  • Daily Face School sessions
  • Techniques & Tools for stretching and postural alignment
  • Meditation and breathing workshop
  • Pilates reformer, cadillac and small equipment on site
  • Excursions to local tourist attractions

Laura has been involved in holding retreats on the island of Sark, Guernsey, Turkey, and Finland. Here are some of the testimonials:

“The Sark Retreat was so therapeutic to body and mind that I wish it was available on my prescription for all my patients to share. It was a perfect antidote to the stress of our modern world.” Dr. Jenny Turner, Olympics 2012 Sports Medicine Specialist

“Laura is an amazing Pilates teacher who, through clear instruction and gentle encouragement, inspired me to take up Pilates and to learn more.  She constantly introduces new ideas based on latest thinking to supplement and enhance regular practice as well as extra activities such as Nordic walking, Maria Putkisto and retreats in Sark.  For me, the Sark retreats remain the most memorable and life enhancing experience of all. In the most beautiful setting, with every need catered for, a group of like minded individuals have the opportunity to practise a variety of activities from Pilates, yoga, hill walking and painting in a relaxed environment with appropriate teaching as well as lots of fun and laughter.  Much of the success is down to Laura’s expertise and careful planning including the range of other practitioners she involves to ensure the retreats offer a perfect blend of experiences.” Joanne Huxtable, Director of Tax, Deloittes

Getting your body back into balance with itself and reconnected to nature allows your mind to fall into a better place, so once more, body and mind can work in harmony with one another.

The Retreat is suitable for all fitness levels and will include a program of Body and Facial Pilates. There will be approximately 15 hours of bodywork within the five days, with the option of booking private one to one sessions on the pilates equipment during your stay.

The sessions are structured to stretch and build specific aspects of the body to then prepare for the following day’s work. By the end of the week, participants will have completed an entire body program designed to leave spine and joints moving fluidly and the muscles longer and stronger.  The sessions will be held at the beautiful, secluded studio based within Podere Palazzina.

Laura Anderson Mancini has worked in the world of Pilates for over two decades and is a fully qualified matwork and studio equipment instructor. Originally trained by Lynne Robinson and Gordon Thomson’s Body Control Pilates Association, she has been fortunate enough to learn from some of the leading Pilates experts such as Rael Isacowitz, Mary Bowen (one of the original Pilates Elders taught by Joseph Pilates), Elizabeth Larkam and Laurence Petersen. She has also worked under the guidance of the Finnish teacher Marja Putkisto, ranked as one of the top body workers in Europe. Method Putkisto takes Pilates in a unique direction. It highlights the consequences of shallow breathing, tightness and shortness in the muscles. It shows how by simply elongating short muscles through deep stretching and breathing you can free the body to its neutral position and optimum balance.  Laura has combined all of her training influences to working with the body and the face, to create a program designed to realign your head on top of your spine, to relax the tension from your face and lift your head and facial muscles.

Laura is also a qualified Nordic Walking instructor trained by Francis Mitchell of Method Putkisto, London.

The afternoons will be free to allow for visits to local attractions such as Saturnia hot springs, Pitigliano, Bolsena Lake

The Itinerary


  • Pilates: Breathing technique and long stretches to open the body ready for core work. Familiarization with the breathing instrument of the diaphragm and its intrinsic role in wellbeing.
  • Body session: Finding our core abdominals through connection with the pelvic floor, understanding how the core activates through balance work


  • Pilates: Stretching the tight muscles in feet, legs and hips; introduction to spinal mobilization, considering the directions of movement; opening and stretching the feet and toes to aid balance and gait. Lengthening hamstrings, adductors and abductors in the leg. Introducing the awareness of hip stretches and how to improve joint mobility and gait.
  • Body session: Working with small equipment to focus on core connections. This session will focus on strengthening legs, glutes and abdominals
  • Face Work – stretching muscles of the neck and shoulders


  • Pilates: Stretching the tight muscles in the neck, arms and chest, considering the upper body posture and placement of the head and jaw; focus on spinal mobilization, considering the directions of movement; Building on leg and hip stretches
  • Body session: full body workout with focus on upper body strength


  • Pilates implementing all stretches learnt through the week to lengthen and reposition body
  • Body work session: Triad Ball workout
  • Face Work lift and release facial muscles


  • Full integration Pilates complete spinal workout
  • Body session: Classical mat session

Optional classes in meditation, sound bath, qi gong and yoga may be incorporated into the program in the evenings throughout the week